Rings of Power

Just bored, decided to hear thoughts on the show. Shills claim it's successful & hated only by minority istophobe trolls. So I decided to test out the theory here😂 PS: SBs are either funny OR helpful; which of the four classes of MS makes a WSO comment qualify as "(most) controversial"

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Daemon145, what's your opinion? Comment below:

It was ok but in comparison to House of the Dragon, it fell quite short IMO.

These big studios need to come up with truly original content instead of just shilling LOTR/ASOIF though.

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I never knew a day will come when it would be a luxury for us to ask that a show will give us parent & child characters that are of the same race. But I guess biology dare not get in the way of diversity quotas😂

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Tsemaye1, what's your opinion? Comment below:

i think the success of the upcoming warner brothers LOTR adaptations will put the show out of its misery

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They're full of irrationality

rubiomn9, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Pretty big LOTR fan and found myself enjoying being back in the Tolkien universe... even if the show was pretty slow. With that said I still enjoyed it and looked forward to it every week.

I also don't really think the 'woke' stuff adds or takes away from the show, so wouldn't let that worry you. It's odd, but made me chuckle more than anything else (i.e., why are they pushing this stuff so hard and why do they think this is the right forum to do it).

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