The situation with rich handler and jeff

Jefferies m&a team, and md there has been accused by a number of employees sexual harassment, racism , md name is john saulities. An email was sent by a group of junior employees and was leaked on wso. However wso is trying to censor this accusation or this apparent situation. No one has confirmed it but wso keeps on deleting it leading us to have no discussion.

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hey everyone, this thread is still up as are several others on the topic.  I'm reviewing what my mod team did yesterday, but I suspect certain threads/content was removed because it contained specific names and/or offensive content (from what I've seen so far) - and most of it was coming from brand new members.

When I came across this late last night I even saw someone saying/implying on Twitter that the CEO of Jefferies is somehow close with WSO.  This is not true -- I've never even spoken with him in my life.

I understand the importance of WSO allowing certain topics / situations to be exposed for what they are, however, we must also try and be as balanced as possible and not allow names (from non-public figures) and accusations be posted all over our boards.  We have no journalists on staff and don't have the resources / media team to go do proper fact checking, so we have to rely on our members (ideally certified) to verify certain situations.   

Please be patient as I look through everything.

Thank you,



Just a question, but is there still an issue if a name is posted if it is just re-posting of actual jefferies emails being sent around?

yes, still an issue.  We prefer (I think for obvious reasons) that names be kept out of it and there are plenty of places that you can find the full email outside of WSO

I think WSO can play a role in making sure people know about the accusations and are well informed without including names (in lines with our terms of service and in good faith how we ensure anonymity to thousands of members posting each week).

We are not in a position to judge and although there are members (certified and non) that have speculated what is accurate and what may or may not be, we don't have the resources to run an investigation.   

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