FTP Partners - Private Capital Markets Research vs Current Opportunities

Currently in the interview process for the FTP Partners PCM Research role and wanted to know more about this role since I haven't seen many PCM position. From what I understand this role is similar to equity research except focused more on evaluating private fintech firms for acquisition or investment. I know this community hates on FTP IB but what would be the exit opportunities of this role (IB/PE)? MBA placement? Expected TC (Base is 90K) and Hours?

I know theres a hype around "private markets" positions and wanted to see if this translates into long term career growth.


Based on the most helpful WSO content, the FTP Partners PCM Research role seems to be a unique opportunity. It's like equity research but with a focus on evaluating private fintech firms for acquisition or investment. This could provide a solid foundation in understanding the fintech landscape and the dynamics of private markets.

As for exit opportunities, it's a bit tricky to say. The role is quite specialized, so it might lead to opportunities within fintech, private equity, or even venture capital, given the focus on private firms. MBA placement could be strong, especially if you're able to leverage the unique experiences and insights you'd gain in this role.

In terms of total compensation (TC), the base is 90K, but I don't have specific information on the potential for bonuses or other forms of compensation. Hours might be on the higher end, given the nature of the work and the industry.

Comparing this to your other opportunities, it seems like the decision might come down to what you value more at this stage in your career. If you're interested in fintech and private markets, the FTP role could be a great fit. If you're more interested in a balanced work-life situation with solid compensation, the corporate strategy roles might be more appealing.

Remember, it's not just about the immediate compensation or hours, but also about where you want to be in the long run. Consider which role aligns best with your long-term career goals and interests. Good luck with your decision!

Sources: Total compensation at Financial Technology Partners?, Thoughts on Financial Technology Partners, https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forum/investment-banking/ft-partners-fulltime-recruitment?customgpt=1

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