Hi all, anyone can bring light to a day of life in a middle office analyst role (IRS, OTC Derivatives, Loan, FRA, FX, OIS)

Job desc for my interview :
· Timely validation and accurate affirmation of all trades captured in the Risk Management Systems.

· Completion of end of day processes including completeness and reconciliation checks to ensure capture of new trading activity and general book management has been processed accurately.

· Reconciliation of system P&L to flash P&L on a T0 / T+1 basis and resolution of any differences / discrepancies to trader and to the Finance area.

· Show an appreciation of the different support requirements for individual Traders and modify approach to supporting these where appropriate

· Through close liaison with the trading floor, ensure the timely and efficient resolution of trader queries, promoting themiddle office (MO)as a source of valued advisors and technical experts

· Work closely with other Operations functions and infrastructure groups to support a 'one team approach'. The MO are expected to be a centre of excellence and are often pivotal in ensuring accurate information in cross group communication

· Support and enhance external customer relationships by responding in a timely manner to client requests and by pro-actively looking for opportunities to improve the general service offering

· Ensure all reconciliations and reports undertaken in the area are complete and signed off on a timely basis e.g. internal deals, exercise reports, and trade exceptions reports.

· Take full responsibility for the integrity of all curve data, underlying assets, trade booking, trade maintenance and appropriate reconciliations

· Monitor trading patterns and behaviour to effectively support the business and assist with identification/escalation of potential fraudulent or unusual trading activity

· Contribute to the documentation of all new products or structures relating to the area

· Clear and concise communication with all support teams to ensure the timely and efficient dissemination of information and the resolution of queries

· Provide operational support to the various teams in overseas offices as required to ensure risks are effectively controlled

· Ongoing feedback with the global projects team on current and future system architecture.

Who we're looking for
· Understanding all relevant derivative and hedging products that are booked into the banks core Risk Management System. The products covered are CS-B, CS-B-MTM, LOAN, DEPOSIT, FRA, FX, IRS, IRS-B,OIS.

· Familiarity with P&L processes and language, and having the ability to generate daily P&L decomposition for products and systems used to reconcile against Front Office Daily P&L numbers.

· Have a good knowledge of the front to back Operations process (including the key elements of confirmations and settlements as well as funding) and facilitate issue resolution across teams.

· Understand the key elements of other infrastructure groups i.e. Finance, Market risk, Credit risk, Operational risk, Legal, Tax and Compliance and recognise the impact of the actions of the MO on these areas.

· Must have experience with Markitwire, and being able to understand the importance and impact of Swapswire eligible trades to the In House Systems and to our customers.

Thank you to help me

Best Response

Yes why you do this can be very job good see middle office good yes real nice quick fast moon over the space shuttle okay see do well yes pay warren charizard.


Moon over space shuttle part was genius :)

But the guy asked a good question. I am also curious where middle office fits in the big picture of bank operations, whom they deal with, etc. How is the recruiting for middle office different from typical analyst/associate and what are later transition paths.


Hi Amphibia, I should be able to give you more informations about the recruitment tomorrow night ; my interview is tomorrow afternoon.

Boutiquebank4life : I would like to give you some bananas as well, lol lol

Noobstar : ok I'm french so probably my english is not the best ; but anyway you will have nothing if you don't try. This is my point of view. So I try, always. And I'm not worried about my way. I go further ans further ; it's the most important. If somebody can help me it's nice, otherwise I kept going. All the best mate ;-)


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