So just to get this straight, you completely fabricated having a summer IB internship and lied to recruiters so that you could be a more competitive applicant, but justified it by saying your fake internship was unpaid? Now you are asking for advice from strangers online on how to cover it up/avoid being blackballed?


How did you pass the interview process? Didn’t they ask you about your experience at the internship?


This is a troll. No one in their right mind would do this and make it this far

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This is a troll. No one in their right mind would do this and make it this far

Epstein just made shit up on his resume too to get in the door.

“Michael Tennenbaum, a Bear Stearns executive who hired Epstein — and kept him on even after he found out Epstein’s résumé was bogus.”…

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I'd inform bb that you can no longer do the internship due to family issues.

Begin recruiting for ib internships in a different product sector and location - explain you received an offer from x bb but had to decline as it was not a good cultural and location fit for you. You have your heart set on Chicago MM ECM or NYC restructuring and would rather pursue it over your previous offer etc.

Firms will never know why you really declined but you can at least peacock your BB offer (which signals prestige to a degree). Just show the new firms your real non lying resume.

honestly when done right this is a smart play. lie heavily on resume to get a elite top offer. Before firm can DD your background - start recruiting for other firms with the offer in hand as leverage while using your real resume. Reneg or decline offer received through lying. You may have just discovered an unethical life hack.


This could also backfire. It just sounds fishy. "I got a BB IBD offer in NYC, but declined it as I would prefer to work at [INSERT LESSER KNOWN BANK IN A SMALLER CITY]". If I were interviewing this person, I would immediately email/call up anyone I know at the BB bank to get their side of the story.

BUT, I guess it is one alternative to approach the situation...


I dont think banks will check against your paper resume that youve given them, or even a digital version for that matter. What will happen is that when your onboarding begins, a 3rd party firm will reach out to you and ask you to provide all of your previous work experience.

Once they have a list of your work experience with dates, contact info, etc. they will begin contacting them to verify that you worked there. However, they have no way of knowing that you worked somewhere unless you explicitly told them- there is no hard copy for them to compare against. Furthermore, on the off chance that HR will ask for your "paper" resume during onboarding give them an updated version that removes the internship in question and on the double off chance that they recognize a discrepancy just say that you were going to work there but it was cancelled and you forgot to remove it as it was very last moment and see where it goes (the chances that things get this far are extremely slim and even if they do they might say fuck it and move on).

Barring any of aforementioned resume nonsense simply do not tell the 3rd party about this internship and say that it was a time of unemployment or student, something to that effect and then it will never be looked into in the first place. Many ways to play this off, just have to be creative and create an airtight plan

Good luck.


holy fucking shit what is wrong with you people? why are you giving this lying sack of shit more advice on how to wiggle out this situation? If these are the supposed "talents" that are coming through to your bank i imagine you would be pretty fucking pissed. This is why the industry is hated on because of shit bags like OP, and the rest of you are basically accomplices. If this was a criminal offense, pretty sure you all be incriminated and looking at time in prison.

Feel free to monkey shit me all day and night.

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