IB Analyst - feel like a fraud - what to do after analyst stint?

I recruited at the very last second for IB SA positions, got one. At a BB/MM firm that gets mentions on WSO. TBH, I don't know anything about financial statements, valuation, etc. I got lucky on my interviews and during my SA gig I did not have to model. I have always been a really hard worker and got a return offer from this summer as I was great with the PPTs and responding and communicating with my team.
(This is a solid position - M&A in a top group)

Anyway, I feel like a fraud. I don't know much about finance nor do I really care to learn. I have not found my passion. Currently just chasing money and trying to set myself up career-wise since I come from a lower middle-class background (ie making more than everyone in my family yr 1 out of UG).

I don't think I even want to do the full 2 years of IB. The issue: I don't know what to do otherwise. This is a bit of a ramble, but I'm searching for any type of advice. I have really bad short-term memory as of recent and it is hard for me to learn new things (i don't know what happened). I don't think I want to go back to school for my MBA. I am graduating UG with 3.9+ but never liked to learn and found ways to get good grades by working "smarter not harder."

So, I barely know finance, have a bad short-term memory, have no passion, and hate school. If anyone knew who I actually was they would not believe these truths I just wrote. I have come across as an intelligent, put-together, hard-working individual, but deep down I know I am a fraud.

What jobs pay well (don't shame me for wanting to make a good living, especially if I am coming off IB salary), is not modeling intensive (I like a little math here and there but don't want full-blown PE modeling spreadsheets), maybe a bit creative, a bit strategic, doesn't require a good memory and isn't 100% meeting based (I can be social, but I also like just grinding on my own).

I don't mind working long hours, I work well in both teams and individually, and I really like to make things more efficient and organized.

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