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About 2 weeks ago I received a strong indication of interest from a different team at my firm, call it team A. The team has said they are very interested in hiring me, but need to work things out with HR and have been "actively trying to make it happen". They have shifted the timeline a little bit here and there but overall have been communicative and seem enthusiastic about making it happen. I verbally committed to them early last week, but also told them that the process can't drag on as I am looking at other opportunities. 

During this same time, a process I had been working on externally materialized further. Let's call it team B. Team B would likely pay more, provide better exit opportunities, and would provide certain other perks that seem enticing. I got my foot in the door with Team B through a mutual friend, but the rest has been my effort, interest and performance in interviews. I have a decent shot of landing B as well, albeit the timeline is probably at least 2 more weeks.

If I am being honest with myself I prefer the opportunity with Team B, but it's likely Team A will finalize things for me prior to B being able to. I should emphasize though that the gap between B and A is not massive, but enough to make me pause. Additionally, even if A were to drag on, I had "verbally committed" so in the event B extends an offer I don't see a scenario where A doesn't condemn me (as they are working with HR to make it happen, or so they say). But given how likely A is to materialize I am worried of stringing B along further, especially given a mutual friend put this together.

At a bit of a loss what to do here, at something of a moral crossroads. Appreciate any advice!

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Jun 22, 2022 - 9:27am
Hölder, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I think we have all been here in at least one point in our careers. I was actually here not too long ago. Less than a year ago a team within the bank I was working for was working with HR to create a position for me, while a team from another company was working with HR to expedite my hiring process as fast as possible.

When it came down to it, both teams gave me offers and morally I felt terrible. I was in a position where I truly liked both teams so no matter what I chose I would be letting down good people. The best advice I could get actually came from who was my manager back then which was amazing as no matter what I chose, she would be losing me as a team member. She just said 'in matters like these, you can't think about how other people think first. You have think about what is best for you first'. And, of course, I ended up picking the position which offered a higher comp. It wasn't that much of a difference but enough to be relevant in my day to day life.

So here is my advice to you: first, don't even think about pre-emptively telling either A or B that you won't be going with them. Right now you are working out of assumptions. Maybe team A will get HR to get you an offer... maybe as we speak HR got a hiring freeze mandate from up top and will tell team A to shove it. Maybe team B will extend you an offer... maybe team B already has 3 candidates better than you and are just stringing YOU along in case those other 3 bail. Life is like this. When (and IF) the offers finally materialize you have to close your eyes and choose the one with the better comp. And when the other team asks you why you are bailing on them you tell them "this other place is offering me x% more than you, I'm very sorry but I can't turn it down" and that's that. Money is money. If team B gives you the fatter offer and then team A actually wants you then they'll match B's offers and even add 10% on top to make it worth your while. Simple as. No one can judge a man for earning his bread. 

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Jun 22, 2022 - 2:22pm

I appreciate the advice and your sentiment makes sense. I agree perhaps the best thing I can do right now is grind out the offers. But I can't help but be moreso concerned about the timing here. It'd be one thing if A and B offers came at the same time, but in theory if A comes soon enough my only option to go with B would be to renege on A. 

Jun 22, 2022 - 9:50am
Smoke Frog, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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