Landing an internship as a freshman

Hello everyone I am just now wrapping up my first year of studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Uni behind RSM (top business school and whatnot), I am currently studying Economics and Business Economics and so far it has been great. I cannot lie it has been diffucult, moved to a country i had never visited before without knowing anyone at 17 was a bit of a shock but the adrenaline and the whole idea of living away from home and whatever toxity that comes with won me over. Graduated highschool with an IB diploma (International Baccalaureatte) from a private school if this helps.

Anyhow, now about a month or so before i finish my first year I expect to have a GPA of around a 7.0/10 -> 3.0/5.0. I will definetely try getting it up to a 4 in the next 2 years (3 year degree) but Dutch universities are not easy unlike the UK or some in the US (30% fail each year). I am wondering when should i seek to get an internship? Most say that I should seek for one in the final year of my studies, but really isnt that too late?

I am interested in going into IB, coming from a middle class family this has always been my dream hence this entire oddysey of moving abroad. Also any tips / tricks to land one? This summer I most likely wont be able to do an internship as i will probably get a job to earn some money on the side for my next year of studies although I might have the oppurtunity to work at PE for like a month, but this is honestly because the MD is a really good friend of my fathers. Even then should i cease this oppurtunity or seek to go back to it in a years time with more experience in the field and also stay for longer (3 months instead of 1)?

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1) Take a decision where you want to pursue a career in. Is it Netherlands, UK, US or somewhere else?

2) Recruiting processes are similar but can differ, therefore, any tips/tricks can be different depending on the location --> 1)

3) Focus on GPA, quick conversion says that 70%+ is 8-10, so aim for that. 

4) Do both the job on the side in the summer and take the opportunity in PE. Internships are always good, the more the better. 

5) Depending on 1), focus on the upcoming recruiting cycle by preparing for interviews, CV, CLs, etc. There are lot of resources on this forum that you can find, just filter your searches well.


Thank you I will definitely take this into account, with regards to location which would you say is best for an EU passport holder? Taxes throughout the EU are fucked so i was considering the US but then visa issues arise. Then there is Canada but from what ive heard and seen on this forum that is a definite "no-no".


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