Leave a cruisey FO job in institutional banking for investment banking at a BB?

Hi Monkeys,

I have a dilemma.

I have an offer to move to an international BB in their Investment banking division. I currently work in FO origination at a domestic bank where the hours/pay ratio is very reasonable. At my level its 25% lower on base and 60% lower on bonus as compared to BBs, but the hours are 8:45 - 6:15 most days. My entire team and boss are fantastic to work for and grab drinks with (they're all former investment bankers who wanted out of the 'toxic' lifestyle).

On one hand I want to gain experience with more interesting products and overseas markets. On the other hand I love and trust my boys (and girls) and they keep telling me investment banking isn't worth the emotional strain and health effects. At some level I feel like its easy for them to say they opted out after being an investment banker for 5 years and made their money.

I'm scared I won't find an MD and associate that love me the way my current ones do. They give me glowing reviews every 6 months and have my back for everything. I understand there's no loyalty in this business but I genuinely believe these guys are at this firm for the long haul. I know its not always this good because I've previously reported to jackasses and sharks during internships.

I'm only in my 2nd year of work and I reckon this is the last time I have the option to go to a bulge bracket without doing an MBA after this. I would really appreciate some more experienced monkeys helping me work through my feelings and concerns.

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Jun 1, 2022 - 9:13pm
Bordon-Becko, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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