Paris IBD vs Frankfurt IBD

I am a little confused between the two options so trying to build a force-field analysis for both options. I do not speak French or German but I speak fluent Italian and I will be learning one of the two languages during my master's degree. I would really appreciate it if you guys could chip in and share your experience. Which city according to you is best in terms of culture, comps, lifestyle, etc.


Ah, the classic Paris vs Frankfurt debate! Let's break it down, shall we?

Culture: - Frankfurt: The culture here can be a bit stiff, especially if you're not used to it. Most people in the offices are German/Austrian and the offices speak German. It's a bit of a hard-working culture, with a stigma that Frankfurt works harder than London just because. - Paris: The French have their own unique culture. It's not mentioned in the WSO content how it compares to Frankfurt, but it's definitely different.

Compensation: - Frankfurt: Pay is in line if not better than London when adjusted by currency. The starting pay for an Analyst 1 is around 70k. - Paris: The WSO content doesn't provide specific information on Parisian compensation.

Lifestyle: - Frankfurt: It's not the most exciting city in Europe, but it's head and shoulders above Milan and Madrid both for sell and buyside. - Paris: The French have a unique lifestyle, but the WSO content doesn't provide specific details.

Language: - Frankfurt: Offices speak German, so knowing the language would be beneficial. - Paris: The French are known for their love of their language, so speaking French would likely be a plus.

In terms of PE recruiting, Frankfurt seems to be a strong contender. However, it's important to consider where you'd feel more comfortable living and working, as this can greatly impact your experience.

Remember, this is just a monkey's perspective based on the WSO content. It's always a good idea to reach out to people who have worked in these cities to get a first-hand account. Good luck with your decision!

Sources: London vs Frankfurt (2019), European IBs & Commercial Banks

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I've lived in both (and in London), and I am French.

I'd probably pick Frankfurt if you want to maximise earnings, since cost of living really is quite a bit lower in FFM vs Paris. For 1200 EUR, 15mins by S-Bahn, you'll have a very nice place in FFM, in Paris, you'll have a shoebox someone sneezed in.

The French are also not very forgiving with not speaking the language. So, better be ready to learn it like you want to go native. You can get by with English, but it's just not as nice.

I think Paris is far more beautiful a city and I love the arts there. But frankly, Parisians are a pain. Frankfurters are fine, by and large, and the German's directness and frankness is actually quite refreshing. The French can also be direct, but I find a bit more disdainful at times.

Also, food-wise, Paris wins, but FFM has some decent restaurants. You're also close to the Rheingau region, with its wines and Sekts. Lovely hikes very close to FFM, not so much the case in Paris.


Which city according to you is more international? This thing is something I really value even at times more than the earnings and I think Paris is more international than Frankfurt. I am gonna learn French or German like close to C1 at least in the next two years and I do not think learning french would take that much time as I already speak italian.


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