Poached After IB Superday - Not Sure What To Do

I ran into a very odd situation today and wanted to see if anyone could offer insight. Today, I had a superday for a product group at my dream bank. For reference, I am non-target, non-diverse, and networked super hard at this bank, and my superday interviews went well. 

Around 30 minutes later, I got a call and was ecstatic, so I answered it. It started great, and then the person on the line told me they thought I would be a perfect fit for the sales side of S&T and would offer me for that (and not the product group I interviewed for!!!). Is this a good or bad thing? Should I take this offer for S&T since it's my dream bank, or should I keep exploring possibilities for IB instead? I didn't know this type of thing happened.


Ah, the classic case of the unexpected pivot! Based on the most helpful WSO content, this situation, while surprising, isn't unheard of. Here's a bit of insight and advice on how to navigate these waters:

  1. Consider Your Career Goals: First and foremost, reflect on your long-term career aspirations. Investment Banking (IB) and Sales & Trading (S&T) offer distinct career paths, cultures, and day-to-day responsibilities. IB tends to focus on mergers, acquisitions, and raising capital, involving a lot of financial modeling and client presentations. S&T, on the other hand, is more about market analysis, executing trades, and maintaining client relationships in a fast-paced environment. Which aligns more with your interests and skills?

  2. Dream Bank vs. Dream Role: Landing a position at your dream bank is an achievement, especially coming from a non-target background. However, it's crucial to weigh the importance of the bank's prestige against the role you genuinely want. If S&T doesn't excite you as much as IB, you might find yourself longing for the path not taken.

  3. The Offer's Implications: Being offered a role in S&T instead of IB could mean several things. It might indicate that the bank sees a stronger fit for you in S&T based on your skills and interview performance. Alternatively, it could reflect the bank's current needs or hiring goals. Understanding why they see you as a better fit for S&T might provide valuable insight.

  4. Networking and Internal Mobility: If you accept the S&T offer, consider the bank's culture around internal mobility. Some banks are more flexible than others in allowing employees to transfer between departments. You could potentially start in S&T and transition to IB later, especially if you continue to network internally and express your interest in moving.

  5. Exploring Other IB Opportunities: If your heart is set on IB, it might be worth continuing your job search to secure an IB role. However, keep in mind the competitive nature of IB positions, especially coming from a non-target school. The S&T offer could be a unique opportunity to get your foot in the door at your dream bank.

In conclusion, this decision hinges on your personal career goals and how much you value the specific role versus the prestige of the bank. It's also a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the finance industry and the importance of being adaptable. Whatever you decide, this is a valuable learning experience and a testament to your hard work and networking efforts.

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They offered you S&T without even meeting anyone there?

I'd ask to talk to some of the S&T people, both to see if you're interested and as a delay tactic - if you have any other live interviews (beyond first round) you can tell them you have a BB offer and want to accelerate.

S&T is a good career but very different than IB, it's hard to go sales -> IB.


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