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hi guys Im here to get some advices from incumbents. Im preparing a community college for transfer. I guess this is the only way to enter target school. Even If i succeed transferring UCB Haas or other target schools, can’t i get a job? I have no citizenships, transferred from community college. I think there’s no reason to hire me. Tell me about the truth.
p.s.1 Ive worked at the National Tax Service(korean IRS) and district court(Korea) for two years. Can this be an advantage?
p.s.2 Is a business major mandatory? Is it hard to get a job in econ, statistics, and accounting?

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Fellow Korean here. I went to an Ivy, and currently working at a hedge fund in New York.

It’s going to be an absolute nightmare uphill battle. 

I could tell from the way you write, you’re not fluent in English. You might have to spend like a year in language courses. And lack of fluency/ability to read room in English and unfamiliarity of culture will be challenging not only for recruiting but throughout your career.

If you transfer from community college, you will mostly likely be coming in as a junior. Most recruiting for junior summer opportunities end in sophomore spring, meaning you’ll probably have to stay an extra year at school.

Even if you do so, you’ll have to start networking in your sophomore fall, without a GPA, and if you for somehow f-up your fall grade, there’s a zero chance for recruiting in spring semester (it’d be either 4.0 or sth bad given your entire gpa will just be based on one semester).

Plus, there’s just less opportunity in CA for IB/finance, makes most UC schools not-so-desirable. And recruiting for NY opps from CA could be challenging.

Visa sponsorship situation is getting worse and Trump taking the office would only worsen the problem.

And to your p.s. questions, I found most Americans tend to de-value most experiences from overseas unless it’s a BB equivalent, so your tax experience wouldn’t help much. Also, business major is not mandatory. You’ll want to study something STEM for 3yr OPT.

All-in-all, risk reward is stacked against you from what I could tell. There are many factors to consider. Do your parents have enough saving to support +$500k for next 5 years, military, your age, backup plans in Korea, etc. If those are on your side, I think it’s worth trying but I personally wouldn’t even bother.


Hey there! It's great to see you're aiming high and considering a path through community college to a target school like UCB Haas. Let's break down your concerns and questions:

  1. Transferring from Community College to a Target School: Based on the most helpful WSO content, transferring from a community college to a target school like UCB Haas is indeed a viable path to breaking into industries like investment banking (IB). Many have successfully navigated this route. It requires hard work, networking, and a clear understanding of the recruiting process, but it's definitely possible.

  2. Job Prospects Without Citizenship: While not having citizenship can present additional challenges, especially in certain geographies or industries that have specific work authorization requirements, it's not an insurmountable barrier. Your unique background, including international experience, can be a valuable asset to employers. It's crucial to research visa requirements and potential sponsorship opportunities early in your job search process.

  3. Experience at the National Tax Service and District Court: Your experience with the Korean IRS and district court can indeed be an advantage, particularly in roles that value analytical skills, attention to detail, and a strong understanding of regulatory environments. Highlighting this experience in your applications and interviews, and connecting it to how it's prepared you for the roles you're applying for, can set you apart from other candidates.

  4. Major Selection: A business major is not mandatory to break into fields like investment banking, consulting, or corporate roles. Majors in economics, statistics, and accounting are also highly valued, as they provide a strong foundation in analytical skills, financial principles, and quantitative analysis. The key is to complement your major with relevant internships, extracurricular activities, and networking to enhance your job prospects.

  5. Difficulty in Getting a Job with Econ, Statistics, and Accounting Majors: Jobs in economics, statistics, and accounting are in demand, but like any competitive field, landing a position can be challenging. It's about leveraging your unique skills, networking effectively, and targeting your applications to roles that match your background and interests. Internships and practical experience can significantly boost your chances.

Remember, your path may be unique, but that doesn't mean it's not feasible. Stay determined, seek out mentors and advice, and use your unique experiences as strengths in your journey.

Sources: Q&A: Community College --> Semi-Target --> Big 4 Audit --> Boutique IB M&A (Ask Me Anything), Should Successful students at "non-targets" transfer to targets?, Community College to IB?,, Community College To PE

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