Should I re-recruit for IB SA next year?

I am at a target and this recruiting season did not pan out the way I wanted. I accepted an 2024 IB SA offer at a pretty big non-BB bank (Wells Fargo/HSBC/BNP) but preferably want to give SA recruiting another shot next year. Eventual target is to exit to PE/buyside shops.

I am considering delaying graduation by a semester (graduate in Dec 2025 instead of May 2025) so that I can re-recruit for SA again and avoid the FT recruiting competition. Was wondering if anyone has done this and/or have any tips or insights. Thanks.

Well assuming the job market picks up. They are going to have to build up their 2024 SA classes for FT. So I'd assume while still competitive, FT recruiting may not be as hard as previous years since there would be more slots than other years.

I personally think if you are at a Wells Fargo type bank, you wouldn't need to even mess with your graduation to land a solid BB offer when you are recruiting FT. But that's my opinion.

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