Sophomore Government Finance Internship Good Enough for IB SA 2024?

Hello everyone,

I just got a job offer today for a paid public sector financial management internship within one of the ministries in my province for Summer 2023. I am Canadian, so in American terms, I will be working for my state's legislature in one of their departments (think Department of Labor) focusing on providing advice to clients on financial analysis and expenditure control.

The job description also says I'll have an opportunity to assist in the development of financial models to determine trends and variations and help evaluate project proposals and analyze impact and resource requirements.

As IB SA 2024 recruiting is at it's peak right now, I am debating whether or not to accept this offer. My mentality is that I would rather have something on my resume for now as "Incoming" and exclusively focus on Summer 2024 rather than try and balance two recruiting cycles at once. The other option is that I don't accept the offer and I continue seeking a more "IB" related position such as at a boutique shop or at a bank or possibly even working unpaid at a search fund (really don't want to do this).

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. Cheers!


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