Stuck In Corporate Strategy, How to Transition to Consulting?

Class of 2023 non-target undergraduate (Math/Econ 3.8) looking to break into consulting. I have placed in corporate strategy internships my sophmore/junior year and am now full time. All of the positions were in relatively strong FS Corp Strat teams (AM, Top BB, Credit Card) so there is a string of continuity for my career narrative. My issue is that I cannot seem to land any consulting interviews, I try to build a network and apply early into recruitment cycles, however, the only consulting firms (MBB/T2) I've been able to interview with across three years are LEK and Deloitte. I know that the current economic situation definitely plays a roll but I am still wondering if there is something wrong with my approach as well. I am not looking to switch for the next 6-months to 1-year as I just started my role but would love advice from anyone here who has successfully lateraled into consulting and how they approached recruiting post-grad?

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Think of your attractiveness as 2x2 matrix of Elite vs. Specialized. Ideally you are both elite and specialized. But one or the other will do. e.g. a Harvard undergrad who's tried a few different roles; vs. an Illinois PHD expert in pharma production.

Unfortunately at this step of your career you are not yet either. 

Unfortunately going to MBB offcycle is pretty tough even in good times.  Without being at a top undergrad or having a niche (e.g. you are an expert in pharma or say a buyer for GAP, for example) it's hard to stand out.

A tried and true path would be to make a great success where you are and to develop domain expertise in your industry. Then over the next year or two I'd focus on LEK, maybe some lower tier banks. See where you can get in; go M7 MBA to MBB and it should be pretty straightforward

Alternatively look to develop a niche in a skillset like turnaround or distressed debt. Maybe move to Chicago/Detroit and try to get into FTI, Alvarez, etc. Then go MBB from there.


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