Switching From Tech Sales to Finance

What’s up men and laaaadies. Long time listener, first time caller.

Do you know anyone who successfully transitioned from tech sales(Enterprise at top 10 cloud vendor) into finance? I’m 28, graduated from semi-target and went right into tech sales. Reason? Young and dumb (career prospecting wise, 3.7 GPA D1 Athlete) First person in immediate family to go to college, blue collar upbringing, no sit downs about the summer internship to full time offer rat race, I preferred coaching and surfing in the off-season. Oh well, missed that boat.

Pure dumb luck came senior year (2018) Buddy put me onto crypto, short story got in BTC at like 3k and convinced my drunk brother in law to deploy 50k at a family party, but that random success got me interested in investing. I had some capital, and then by osmosis, everything Finance became interesting.

Since then I’ve read, (6 books from WSO master list, fucking killer selection so thank you apes) I’ve listened, I’ve watched…
to the point now in casual conversation about the maahhhkets,interest rates, earnings, IPO’s, anything fixed income related especially… I keep up. A few times even senior dudes become genuinely surprised I don’t work in the industry.

The WHY: I do well, current position last 2 years average all in comp 350k. No complaints, but it’s boring to me now. And my god are the people in this field getting so fucking lame. Every senior rep thinks they’re a sales guru influencer because that’s a personality now (yes probably just my team, but motivation fuel must be hyperbolic). I prefer following the fire than slacking off on the job due to lack of motivation. I’m at the point where if I don’t ATTEMPT to pursue it, I know it’ll eat me up down the line.

Problem: I see posts of guys going from S&T to other areas, but I cant find anything about outside the industry like tech sales coming in. No financial work experience. No internships. Technical interviews could be trouble. History major.

My Questions:
Have you seen it done? What path?

What areas do you think are most attainable? (ABS/MBS/Rates sales desk? Credit? CRE? Derivatives? Oil and Gas, commodities? Fundraising? Asset Management?)
Financial advisor is a no go, want to sell a product or service, not myself
Understand that wholesaler makes sense, but feels too limited in exposure to marketable experience down the line for anything but a wholesaler?

Best firms to punch for? (BB, Boutiques, Rating Agencies, Research, …)

Should I develop skills like Modeling? Coding?

I know it’s lengthy, any and all answers appreciated. Gracias.

Most Helpful

Leaving a 350k job where you probably put in less than 50 hours a week for an Analyst gig making half of what you earn but nearly double the hours of work doesn’t seem like a smart choice to me…

But from my understanding - chances are pretty slim unless you go MBA route I’d say. No experience in finance, GPA isn’t top notch, semi target - nothing really aligns strongly to IB.

Reading materials won’t give you a competitive advantage over others given it’s typically assumed knowledge. Could consider modelling courses but in the end, you’ll be judged on your knowledge across banking and deal experience.

Realistically if you don’t go MBA route, it’ll likely take more than a few job changes to get to IBD for you. By that time you’ll probably hit early 30s and priorities will change and you’ll start regretting you left a cozy job because you thought the grass was greener.

Also - talking like a tech bro doesn’t help.


Thanks for responding, appreciate it.

But I don’t understand why you framed your entire response around switching to IB specifically. Thought that was implied since it wasn’t mentioned once.

Also - Always enjoy a good jab, but you whiffed a little on the reading comprehension…

Thanks again though for taking the time. Cheers.


Glad to hear it worked for you.

After thinking on it, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my job is fairly cushy and I should feel lucky about it. Figure I can scratch the Finance itch in something on the side.

Enjoy your journey.


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