University of Nottingham, philosophy

Just about to start at the university of Nottingham studying philosophy with a foundation year. A Levels are weak for finance being BBD. I have 3 weeks of work experience at three seperate firms: NatWest, PwC and Deutsche bank. Will I struggle to get into IB or AM as a result of my weak a level grades and degree choice or will my work experience be able to pick up the slack . All responses are appreciated thank you.Edit after some responses- My plan is to start my foundation year and judge the workload. If it is not too bad I will resit my lowest A level as a private candidate whilst doing my foundation year. If the workload is too much I will drop out and focus on that one a level. Thank you for all the honesty and responses it’s all appreciated.


Not really the answer that you want to hear but retake your A Levels instead of doing a foundation year! 

The majority of firms require a minimum of AAB in order to pass screening. 

Also what motivates you to study philosophy if you're interested in finance, why not econ, finance etc? 

Good luck.


I applied to study PPE but I missed my offer, so philosophy was the best option available for me in terms of options. I did consider resitting a levels however I decided to take the foundation year. From what you have said it’s going to be near impossible this way but I had such a terrible a level experience that I didn’t wanna resit. I don’t know if firms would care but I had extenuating circumstances during my a levels I doubt this would solve auto screening though. I see IB as a complete write off with my a levels. Without resitting a levels what do you think my best course of action is. Try and get a good role in nottinghams finance society and try get an insight day or two whilst in my foundation year?

Edit*- just a follow up question. Obviously with my A levels BB/EB are ruled out but do you think there is potential for MM banks if I can get experiences or still just automatically screened out?

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Similar to above, you're likely to be screened out with BBD.

Disagree with AAB A Levels though, that's on the higher end. ABB should be sufficient, but the higher the better.


Very simply, you will be wasting a huge amount of money to do a foundation year as you will not get any looks with those A Levels. Resitting your A Levels is your only option if you are truly serious about getting into finance


Hey, what a-levels did you study and what did you get a D in?

I went through a similar dilemma and will try help direct your retake. As everyone says, a foundation year doesn't really put you any better position - best to spend that 9.25k tuition + 1 year's accom, food etc. on resitting.


Hi I studied Economics, Geography and maths. I got B’s in the first 2 and the D in maths. I think my thought of doing the foundation year is I still have a guaranteed place at a semi target the next year and I’m not sure my parents would stomach me dropping out of university as they are unaware of my new plans to resit my maths a level. It would be super interesting to hear your experiences if you went through a similar circumstance and I would love to hear more. Thank you for your reply and your honesty it’s very much appreciated.


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