I want to give back to the community

Hey guys! I want to give back to the community so in short I have experience with fitness and I know a lot of professionals in their field are not able to stay fit or even to get the ball rolling. My question to you is: What is the biggest issue/issues that you are dealing with that are preventing you from working out/living a healthier lifestyle? I will give advice, based on my personal experience with fitness and living a busy lifestyle, on what to do if I were in your shoes and what can help. We can also discuss and debate on what is good and bad based on your lifestyle and needs. I’ll be replying in the comments and you can also message me personally if you are not comfortable talking publicly about it. Thanks! Can’t wait to see your responses!


i’m a perfectionist, either I do something perfectly and do crossfit 6 days a week and weigh my tomatoes or do nothing at all. trying to do the same at my job, it is hard to do and workout at the same time. Im just too tired


It is good to do thing right and be disciplined. It's not good to go full head working out with no breaks in between. You need to balance the workouts out to make them more fulfilling. Instead of doing it 6 days a week full on do different kinds of workouts during the week at a good pace of course, maybe at like 4 or 5 times a week. Then take one day off during the week to rest your body, and one on the weekend. I've been doing that and my strength and fitness have accelerated more because I rest my body and consume good food. Your body needs to rest in order to recover and do a better workout later. Everyone's body is different so you may recover faster than I do, but going full on 6 days a week sounds like you'd burnout faster, but I can't be the judge of that. I hope this helps! If you have anymore questions or comments feel free to respond


I had a bunch of friends who were SAs and RAs so I understand the grind you are going through. What I'd recommend you do is plan your workout schedule after you know when you are scheduled to work. Write it down, or if not make a mental note of it and say "After my job I will go to the gym." Workouts can be simple too. You can get A LOT done between 30 - 45 minutes. You don't even need to go to a gym you can do a great workout at home with no weights or a treadmill!! If you want we can talk about this more and I can help you with that because it seems like you just need help scheduling your workout in which is a quick fix. I hope this helps! If you have anymore questions or comments feel free to respond


yeah agreed that scheduling is important, the problem was i never knew what my schedule will look like because every day i went to the office, i had no idea if i was leaving at 7 pm or 2 am (more often than not it was >9 pm, and gym closes around that time)

i usually lift weights and like doing bench/squat/deadlifts in my routine, but fatigue and burnout really kicked in too so if i do make it to the gym, i just half ass it and dont even bother with deadlifts (too tiring)


Most people who let themselves go don’t do so because of misinformation about nutrition or not knowing how to fully activate certain muscle groups


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