Dude your manager sounds like some pathetic whiny cuck. I've had some manager like this too, guy spent like 10 years as a VP before he got fired lol prob happening to your manager soon too

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I've seen people like this before.

It's rarely ever the winners or rainmakers of your group who behave this way. The fact this guy is almost 50 and spends some extra-ordinate amount of time on social media whining about you, likely some junior employee, is actual scum behavior.

One can only imagine how depressing his general life is outside of work.


Yeah think about it, if you’re in a high performing revenue generating role, wouldn’t you be spending all your time trying to bring in deals, close deals, increase revenues etc..?

I’m not at that level, but that’s what I would imagine I’d be focusing my efforts on. I’d want to spend most my efforts thinking of ways to make more money instead of getting angry over some low level employee.


I mean... this pretty obviously never happened.

But I'd be interested in the cross-section of people responding "what a loser!" with the people who whine and moan about HR on this and other sites...


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