Need Help! I'm fucked after find out about my health.

My doctor called me this morning to say that I tested positive for Herpes type 1. I've never had sex, still a virgin. I'm a 20-year man, have no symptoms, no blisters of any sort. I have no clue how I got it. I went to see the doctor because I was having problems with urination. I don't know how to process this. I'm sad, depressed, and angry for not knowing how to react. My dream up until this news was to start as a full-time analyst at a BB, get married, and have 2 beautiful kids. I feel like this news is the end of my dreams; it feels so real. I was trying to close my eyes hoping that it was not real. But it is. I know you can still have kids, but truthfully speaking, no one wants to be with a person that has Herpes (it's incurable). I'm still an undergrad, going to a BB SA position in S&T next year; I thought my life was set. I'm a hard worker and an incredibly driven person and was able to break into S&T from a shitty nontarget background. But knowing that my life options are now limited and out of my control, it just crushes my soul. Writing this post is getting my eyes teary. Sorry for this depressive post. I'll greatly appreciate it if anyone who's ever been in this situation shares some tips. Thanks.


Bro you’re fine. Like 70% of the population has herpes. This will not dramatically impact your life as much as you think. Just get some medication if it flares up


You're fine. You can still work, no one in the office is going to know unless you say anything- or give it to them. Just focus on getting the return offer and working hard like you did to get where you are. Not like you're going to have time to talk to girls anyway.


Just short of 70% of the human race has herpes type 1, and most of them still have kids. You currently don’t have symptoms because most people with herpes type 1 never develop symptoms, and any symptoms that do flare up can be suppressed by antivirals


I’m just concerned about my future intimate relationships. How would go about my dating life?


Dude, they don’t even test for herpes on STD screenings. It’s so much more common than you can imagine. I have a lot of friends who were born with it. This isn’t something you have to bring up honestly because your future S/O more likely than not also has herpes but probably doesn’t show symptoms.


How did you deal with it in the beginning? How has it impacted your intimate relationships? Thanks for sharing!


HSV type 1 is present in over 70% of the population. You are confusing it with HSV type 2. Type 1 if symptomatic, is usually a fever blister on your lip - not anything more.


Personally know a few people with STDs (HSV2, latent stage syphilis aka they got treated) As long as it's under control, it's not a big deal usually.


You’re good bro. Senior year of college this girl told me she had HSV 1 (dumb hoe broke the news during the post sex cuddle sesh). Just like you I was tweaking out. It’s really not THAT deep, and way more common than you expect. Most people just don’t show symptoms and it’s not something you really chat about with friends.


Thank for you sharing. I’m not sure if you have it but how does one bring this topic when looking to date?

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having herpes is not a problem. just take valacyclovir when you get a flare-up. I just recently had herpes flare-up inside my dick. it was painful to pee and cum for about 2-3 weeks but then it got back to normal.

however, being a virgin at 20 is a problem and will probably ruin your plan on getting married and having kids. hot (and even not so hot) girls nowadays are overwhelmed with attention from guys who have good game and are willing to throw money at them, so there is no chance a shy weird virgin will attract anybody's attention.


lol this is a nothing burger. You're just victim of too much anti-STD propaganda from the celibate religious right crowd. Almost everyone has herpes, and anyone that is even somewhat sexually active has it. It wont impact your life at all, you will forget you even have it, and no - its not something you need to disclose. Doctors dont test for it on STD screens for a reason and if you express concern about it you will likely be met with a chuckle

Keep on keepin on brotha


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