UK Army Reserves

I'm a Maths student at Imperial interested in a career in either trading or research (either financial or academic).

In the case that I pursue the finance route, how feasible is it for me to join the Army / Royal Marine Reserves? I know employers generally like Army folk, but with something brain intensive like Trading, surely the 'leadership' skills aren't as meaningful whereas time off for training / deployment is a burden. I'm a second year (on a 4 year course), so will be applying for summers next year.

What would these employees think about this? Do they view it favourably or as a burden? Looking specifically at shops that look at technical performance primarily (e.g. not S&T, more prop trading / a HF).

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Periodic training on weekday nights, weekends and a few weeks during the summer isn’t an issue as it won’t be too disruptive to your work commitment.

Deployment will obviously more disruptive, but then that’s really outside of your control. I mean if the country gets attacked and all able-bodied reservists get called up, there’s not much you can do.

One thing I’ll leave you with is: make sure you know why you are signing up. If it’s for leadership development, serving your country, fitness, or perhaps you just love shooting, that’s all good. There’s a few people I know who signed up with the impression that the job is super honorable & glamorous (like in the movies) and everyone on the street will greet you as heros: that didn’t work very well (for most units and especially if you join as an officer, it’s really just another office job but with uniforms). The people I know who did ROTC in the US did their 4 years as Second Lieutenants and bailed as soon as they could.

Good luck!


Fantastic, thank you so much. What about when things 'get sweaty' so to say? Could I be held accountable for training during an intensive week, or would the firm generally support me?


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