1099 Treated like W-2

Currently I work at a small RIA. There are two of us, I am the junior and the owner is the senior. I am a 1099, use my own laptop, but he likes for me to be in the office in the afternoon (aka sets hours) and I have a very very small base pay.  

I am on my way out. I am looking to coast somewhere mindless until law school next fall. The other day he asked for a list of all my cold calls and potential clients from them. I don't feel comfortable handing them over.

So, do I have to give them over to him? My thoughts are
1. I'm technically an independent contractor. 

  1. They are my contacts

  2. I put in all the work 

What is the best thing to do? 

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Career Advancement Opportunities

September 2023 Investment Banking

  • Lazard Freres (++) 99.6%
  • Jefferies & Company 01 99.1%
  • Lincoln International 01 98.7%
  • William Blair 12 98.2%
  • Financial Technology Partners 02 97.8%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

September 2023 Investment Banking

  • William Blair 04 99.6%
  • Lincoln International 11 99.1%
  • Jefferies & Company 06 98.7%
  • Canaccord Genuity 17 98.2%
  • Stephens Inc 11 97.8%

Professional Growth Opportunities

September 2023 Investment Banking

  • Lincoln International 01 99.6%
  • Lazard Freres 17 99.1%
  • Jefferies & Company 02 98.7%
  • Financial Technology Partners 06 98.2%
  • UBS AG 15 97.8%

Total Avg Compensation

September 2023 Investment Banking

  • Director/MD (6) $592
  • Vice President (33) $392
  • Associates (160) $261
  • 3rd+ Year Analyst (14) $187
  • 2nd Year Analyst (101) $169
  • 1st Year Analyst (309) $167
  • Intern/Summer Associate (48) $167
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (225) $94
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