Buying a franchise - Late night food service

i recognize a demand for late night food service at my university. while most college campuses have restaurants and food delivery businesses open late night, at least on weekends, all my campus has is a 24 hour burger king. everyone is sick of burger king, but thats all we got so the place is packed every single weekend, and mondays and thursdays (bar nights).

id like to capitalize on this demand for late night dining by buying a franchise which delivers cookies and brownies every night until 4 am. this company has been immensely popular at state schools, and im hoping it will do the same at my university.

i still havent decided if i will follow through with this, although a representative from the company is expecting an email from me so i should figure out what i want to do pretty soon. one thing im wondering is how this experience will look on my resume. assume the business is successful, will the fact that i effectively identified a demand for a service and profitted by opening up a franchise look impressive to a BB? or will they be much more interested in the young entrepreneur who started a non-profit that works to provide clean water to villages in ethiopia?

looking for any thoughts on this.


maybe it's my school but all the drunk kids aren't dying to go eat cookies and brownies at 4am. Either way i assume you'd have to stick with your plan for a few years and then you could get into a business school.

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