Finance/accounting double major average GPA average school?

Hi im a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. My gpa is 3.3 and im double majoring in finance/accounting. I have no internships or any experience. i transferred to PITT. What should I do? What careers can I pursue? I was hoping to become a financial analyst because I love the stock market and have a passion for trading. Perhaps, consultent? or planner? What Should I do right now thank you

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I just want to make 100K a year like everyone else.

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technoviking, what's your opinion? Comment below:

read this website daily. YOU WILL LEARN MORE HERE AND USING GOOGLE THAN ANY CLASS YOU TAKE AT UP. do your own research on the in's, out's and structures of different divisions within "finance". Get some leadership experience on your resume and work your ass off for an internship of some sort for the school yr or next summer. this industry is highly competitive and many have been prepping for FT employment since high school. its time to wake up now! and make significant gains with your resume. I "woke up" half way thru my junior yr and I somehow got somewhere but it took a lot of effort.

Lastly, I would recommend refraining from posting on this forum until you become more educated on said topics. The members here can be very impatient and harsh on people who ask such a basic broad question. Good luck

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