Interview process timeline during Covid

Hey everyone - I want to see if anybody has insight interviewing over the past few months during quarantine and how the timeline was. I have been interviewing over the past few weeks with a MM bank in NYC for a fixed income analyst position. It has all handled by two MD's on the team, no HR involved, and things moved along pretty quickly. The "Superday" was a bunch of zoom calls spread throughout last week that candidates scheduled on our own, and I happen to get all my interviews out of the way by last Wednesday. I thought they all went well and I feel pretty confident about how I did. I haven't heard anything yet and there wasn't an exact timeline given, as everyone was still finishing up interviews throughout the week.

I want to follow up with the MD's that have been handling the process regarding any updates, given its been a week since my final interviews, but I'm not sure if I should give them more time since interviews could have potentially flowed over into this week and it hasn't technically been a week yet.

I am curious what others who have gone through the interview process during covid times have experienced. Have decisions generally still been made pretty quickly? Would it be too soon to follow up or would following up be appropriate at this point? Should I just be cutting my losses? I'd appreciate any insight!

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