Why has high fashion/modelling lost so much prestige in the late 2010s?

Before 2018-2019, being a (runway) model and the likes was equivalent to other Tier 1 industries, such as Actress/PE MF/Tiger Cub HF/NFL/NBA/NHL. 

But ever since VS cancelled their uber-prestigious Angel line and the likes of Gymshark and Calvin Klein started allowing fatties, deformities and troons to model to be "inclusive" (more like Gymwhale amirite), modelling has lost a great deal of its prestige.

Gone are the days of the likes of Adriana Lima dominating their respective niche in high fashion. Today we have to put it simply, unattractive women (or MTF troons) on billboards, runways and advertisements. And even if they are attractive, they're likely TikTok or Instagram influencers who are too short, don't know how to walk or have an inappropriate body type (hip dips, wide ribcage).

I'm glad to be working in PE MF, one of the few prestigious industries left.

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