Anyone have luck creating their own shot - finding lateral roles without headhunters / postings?

Currently at a LMM fund in a non-tier 1 city and looking to make a move (upmarket and to NY, but also open to remote opportunities).  Also in a non-investment professional role where there are fewer seats available (think BD, IR, Ops/Value Creation, etc.).  The market is slow, and have struck out on a few opportunities that came my way via headhunters.  I have a great network of peers my space who've been sending me their inbounds as well but again, sluggish market means there have been far fewer inbounds. 

I've started reaching out cold (or warm intros when possible) to funds that either a) don't have my current function at all to see if they're thinking about adding it, and b) have a small team relative to others in their market but just raised / are raising larger funds, seeing if they have a need to supplement the current team. 

Anyone have any luck doing this before?  Any other strategies you've employed?  My emails have been direct and to the point:  I introduce myself + what I'm doing, what I'm looking to do, and ask to set up a call.  Hit rate has been pretty good but not great, so just curious who else has tried this approach and what worked.   

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I don't know the specifics about your emails, but make sure they're coming of as just making a contact instead of trying to gain something from them. Most of these people don't have time to chat, especially if they feel they're being used by you. There are some exceptions if you're generally interested in their position and won't ask them for opportunities down the road. Case in point, don't come off as predatory build trust with them.

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Appreciate that, and I hear ya.  I've been fairly direct in the ask where I think there's a high probability of them being receptive to it (based on looking at their current team), and played it a little cooler in others.  Problem is I'm trying to move ASAP for various reasons so unfortunately have to be fairly blunt in some cases, while trying to make it not feel transactional.  I'll usually try to soften it by saying something like hey even if you're not looking to add to the team, would be great to connect with another [X function] professional and trade notes, etc. 

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