Can I Return to Private Equity

Ignore my title. I did my BA from Oberlin / Frankin & Marshall / Bates College in the US, 3 yrs of investment banking at a mid tier BB in London in a coverage group (TMT and FIG) followed by a chief of staff role at a venture funded tech start-up in the Middle East before I returned to the US for MBA (I was an int'l student). 

After MBA from Columbia, I worked for almost 1 year at a startup LMM PE experience in the US  (+ almost a year interning at two different pe firms during bschool). Left because the CEO of the firm decided to shut down the fund. Returned to investment banking (consumer retail and industrials coverage) after that for a year at a big Canadian bank, which I hated, and a few months ago, I started in corp dev at a publicly listed power producer where I evaluate early stage development and portfolio opportunities 

PE (or cross over investing) was always my goal and I'd like to return to it in 1.5 years. I am not looking to move now because I am still learning in my job and don't want to give the impression that I am a job hopper. Life after MBA hasn't been a linear path to me. 

I like to think that my background is unique (in a good way) and that I demonstrate curiosity, aptitude to pick up different industries,  but also understand that my lack of focus might make me look bad.  Not looking for someone to diss me or make me feel bad about myself, but I also didn't come here looking for praise. Should I be targeting infra (real assets) PE, do you think recruiters will be open to me? I don't keep in touch with recruiters because as an overseas student they couldn't be of much help to me and so I created my own luck 

All the best. I agree with your own assessment of yourself - you appear smart and curious. Think networking might be more useful to you. 

Youll make more in banking but there's hundreds of LMM PE shops who'd be happy with a background like yours

thank you. I like LMM PE, but interests are more on UMM PE (more sophiscated mgmt of portcos; and gen speaking, much more intellectually appealing value creation levers). I didn't hate banking tbh, but if I do end up returning, I would like to be at a place like GS/MS/Lazard/Centerview. Those are really the 4 banks I can see myself working at. 

How did the CoS role go? Did you decide not to stay in Tech post MBA?

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Career Advancement Opportunities

September 2023 Private Equity

  • The Riverside Company 99.5%
  • Warburg Pincus 98.9%
  • Blackstone Group 98.4%
  • KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) 97.9%
  • Bain Capital 97.4%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

September 2023 Private Equity

  • The Riverside Company 99.5%
  • Blackstone Group 98.9%
  • Ardian 98.4%
  • KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) 97.9%
  • Bain Capital 97.4%

Professional Growth Opportunities

September 2023 Private Equity

  • The Riverside Company 99.5%
  • Bain Capital 98.9%
  • Warburg Pincus 98.4%
  • Blackstone Group 97.9%
  • KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) 97.4%

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September 2023 Private Equity

  • Principal (8) $676
  • Director/MD (22) $599
  • Vice President (88) $361
  • 3rd+ Year Associate (87) $277
  • 2nd Year Associate (197) $267
  • 1st Year Associate (376) $227
  • 3rd+ Year Analyst (28) $157
  • 2nd Year Analyst (80) $133
  • 1st Year Analyst (237) $122
  • Intern/Summer Associate (31) $81
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (305) $59
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