Am I underpaid - HCOL

I have 1 YOE in CRE asset management at a REIT (and 1.5 years in an unrelated industry). I started with a base of $65k and just got promoted to senior analyst with a base of $75k. Should I negotiate for a higher base? I feel that it is lower than others but I know REITs generally pay less. I also work typical 40 hours a week.

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realestateordie, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Are you saying I'm making close to $100k or you are? And when the market is down, do salaries tend to go down as well?

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He's saying you are making 100, assuming you get some sort of bonus on top of your base. Also, I wouldn't say base salaries go down. Rather, you may not get the bump you were expecting. Also, you may not get your full bonus or the bonus you were expecting. If they're considering reducing your salary, they'd Probabaly just let you go at that point (aka fire you).

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realestateordie, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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