Cadillac Fairview Interview Process

Real Estate and Pension Monkeys,

I saw Cadillac Fairview has a job open for a real estate investment analyst. As I browse the banana archives for information, I am learning that that they do more corporate level than asset level transactions. This makes me hesitant because I am a single banana dealer and have never purchased the whole tree.

Do any monkeys have information on their interview process and case study? I don't want to waste my time, or theirs, with a poorly prepped interview. 

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I interviewed for their development team back when I first graduated (years ago now so take with a grain of salt). Their Dev and Investments teams work closely together quite regularly so I'd expect the interview process is similar. Was a pretty standard interview format for junior roles - phone screen, in person behavioural with some technicals thrown in, a take home case study (had a week to complete if I recall correctly), then final rounds with more senior leadership.

For the Development team the case study was building a mixed-use redevelopment model from scratch for two possible redev scenarios, then creating a deck and IC memo running through your analysis and recommendations. You then had to present your model and findings in the final round.

Technical portion was lenient on the Development side but their Investments guys are primarily ex-IB (or at least they used to be), so it might be a bit more intensive from that perspective.

You're right that they primarily focus on corporate/portfolio-level transactions and large JV plugs where they drop funds to an operating partner and provide oversight. Because of this they mostly hire ex-IB or Big 4 folks, with the occasional asset-level RE guy. I've heard that a lot of the job is very AM-focused (LP AM, not operating AM, i.e. keeping in touch with operating partners and staying on top of the investments/portfolio), although they have been in the news more frequently lately.


I know a guy in their Toronto office, the case study section was strange since they watched the modelling live, and you have to make a slide deck and present. I've never heard of a company watching it live. I don't have much more info as I didn't ask much about it. This info is from a couple years ago though and I don't see a posting for their Toronto office so I'm assuming this is UK. No idea how things would change there.


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