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So I know this topic has been discussed previously but wanted to get some perspectives on the NYU MSRE program. I've been working in real estate advisory over the past 6 years (graduated from a top-3 public university with a 3.5 GPA). My goal is to pivot into the investment side of real estate, ideally in an acquisitions role and would also consider REIB. I've spoken to a number of people about the MSRE program and have heard of some great success stories of people achieving my target outcome. The one caveat is I would be going through the program on a part-time basis. Current job is a blend of real estate restructuring advisory, valuations, and corporate strategy. I've seen a lot of comments about how internships are all but completely necessary to get into REPE and other highly touted investment roles in the nyc scene. Would working a full-time job hinder my ability to qualify for these types of roles? I know the name of the game is networking as hard as you can but would love to hear from the people what their thoughts are 


By advisory do you mean brokerage or consulting? If brokerage you should already have no issue pivoting to REPE and NYU will open doors/networking opps to make that jump. Frankly I think that applies for consulting as well. Anecdotally I know they host a plethora of networking events for current students and alumni and obviously you can just reach out to any and every relevant alum for coffee chats etc until you find a role. In this environment I would definitely go part time as there's not a wall of openings to backstop you.


Yea to clarify I’m in consulting. Do a blend of work, have decent modeling skills but don’t feel like I know enough about investments, deal diligence, debt, etc to really qualify for acquisitions right now. Feel like masters program would round out my understanding of equity side and open some doors to meet with the right folks. Also would plan on being in the program for 2ish years, hoping coming out markets are better and demand for REPE roles are higher 


No, just mention on the top of your resume that the objective is to get a full-time internship in X role. You could also just put that your job ended on X date on the resume right before the summer or something, but I would probably start with the first one. 


You have 6 years of experience and I would say you don't need a Masters from NYU. It's a money grab and you've done a lot of the same work you will do in class. Just keep working on the brokerage side and talk to the juniors on the teams you work with about interest in the principal side/ask them questions to learn more and over time ask them about how to go about making the switch. Many have been in the same position, I did that 2 years into the sales side and got positive responses from people looking to help.

I went through the program, got good internships and the market sucks. Many people are in the same boat with worse experience. Would recommend an MBA if you can get in, much better received and all of their grads were placed where as many many MSRE grads are having trouble even landing brokerage roles - which is also due to the current market but still.


Interesting! I think there’s still a gap in my understand of RE, especially on the equity side. I would do the program over the next 2-3 years, hoping the market picks back up a bit and demand for REPE roles are improved. Tuition likely would mostly be covered so don’t think I’d dig myself in too deep of a hole. Also my understanding is MSRE has strong modeling boot camps, lots of deal scenarios, case studies, etc. that set you up well for questions/cases you would get in acquisitions interviews, something I for sure would fail at at the moment 

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Modeling bootcamps - not really. They offer ACRE at a discount, but it expires in a year and a half.

On the cases, yes really 2-3 classes were heavy in that. I did probably 10 cases, but again these are one's you can find online and my favorite class (Valuations) they increased the classes from 15-20 in your 2nd semester to a first semester class with 40-50 people. So you would really learn a lot less and would not get as much attention if any in a class that big.

I got constructive feedback on the models but 2x the class sizes and having so many more students it's really not possible to get that feedback it seems you'd want to learn. Would recommend doing interview case studies, there are also great one's on Case Centre but you really don't need to spend money on the program.


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