Development comp per level

Curious to know what total comp looks like in a HCOL city in the US. Looking at the post-MBA/post-MSRED level onwards. So Associate, VP, Director levels at some of the "top" shops: Hines/TCC/Related/etc.

Is there a difference in pay (at the Associate level or above) when it comes to MBA vs MSRED?


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I'm on the west coast at a mid-sized industrial developer, and we hired an associate post mba grad that had some experience in brokerage prior, this was a few months back. He was comped 130k with a 30% target bonus.  

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Spoke with a merchant builder on the west coast. Here's what they laid out:

Associate: $130k to $150k+, 10% to 20% bonus

VP: $190k to $210k+, 15% to 25% bonus

MD: not sure about salary or bonus. This is when promote/equity participation begins

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Entry points at my firm:

Undergrad: Analyst

Masters/pre-MBA experienced hire: Associate

Post-MBA/more experienced hire: Senior Associate

Then it goes VP->SVP->Principal (start getting significant carry/promote here)->MD->Sr. MD

Above senior MD is executive level

I am an associate (experienced hire). First 12 months comp is ~120-125k (includes signing, EOY bonus amount for 2022 was in offer letter). No clue past that but I think senior associates can get close to 300k in a good year

remonkey95, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thanks for this! Any idea what Sr. Associate comp is like in a typical year?

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  • Works at Greystar Real Estate Partners

I'm a development Senior Associate at Greystar, my post-MBA salary is $160k with 30% bonus. I'm expecting ~3% COL bumps til I hit Director, the next level up. At that point you get the option for either carry or cash bonuses at various milestones, and this is project-by-project, so my understanding is you can mix and match if you want. I'd assume base is $200k+ at that level, bonus is probably between 30-50%. 

remonkey95, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Sweet. How many years of development experience did you have at the time? Was this a post-MBA role?

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Yes looks shitty sounds shitty is shitty. But alas this is real estate and very few compared to other industries make good money.

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How many YOE in Development do you have?

remonkey95, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Could you share your background? MBA/MSRE and your experience before that?

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What is comp like at TCC for Senior Associate (i.e. post MBA) and VP levels?  Have read/heard they pay the most out of the megadevs, but curious what numbers that actually translates to.

For post-mba: The only real number on target base + bonus I have seen is ~145k way back in 07/08, and then some glassdoor figures for ~175k from 5-6 years ago (less sure on the truth of those numbers).  Not sure how that translates to today (hair over 200k inflation adjusted, plus whatever the profit sharing amounts to, if anything)

For VP: Glassdoor and one or two other sources point to a 300-400k range back in the 2010s, but also taking that with a grain of salt.  A post from earlier this year said senior associates can top out near 300k, so have to assume VP's can get well above that in a good year

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