Good Canadian shops/teams on the West Coast?

I'm currently in Toronto working in AM/a little bit of dev, and for personal/family reasons I might end up having to move out west in the next couple of years.

Wondering if anyone can shed light on some of the top teams/shops/companies that are either based out of Vancouver/Calgary or that have a strong satellite office out west. I've seen some Toronto teams with a VP/Director of Western Canada operations but I don't know if they're based out there and I'm concerned I'm just going to shoot myself in the foot career wise when I make the move.

I'm still a few years out from having to make this decision, but I'm getting a little nervous and wondering if I should try to jump ship to a team in Toronto that would make a transfer to a Western Canada office a lot easier.

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Appreciate that, i had heart about Quadreal and Concert but didn't know about the others.

In terms of big firms that are based in Toronto but that have offices (and teams) out west, are there any that come to mind? I'm wondering if it might be easier to aggressively pursue one of those firms within the next few years and use that to help me move out west. The alternative is to try to time finding a job at one of the places you mentioned at the time of my move.

monkhay, what's your opinion? Comment below:

What positions/products are you interested in?

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at the moment i'm in retail but long-term i'd be open to any asset class, ideally something like development for a company that does mixed use. i know maybe i cant be picky out west so i'd settle for almost anything.

as for position, i'd likely be associate 2 by the time i move, maybe sr. associate but my timeline looks more like 2-3 years rather than 4-6

BigBuildingsGuy, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Also, most the Vancouver development shops (especially on the mixed-use side) are smaller and won't have the same structured Analyst 1/associate 2 positions.

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