How prevalent is organized crime still in construction within the U.S?

Pretty self-explanatory - how prevalent is organized crime still in construction within the U.S?

Was recently on a business trip up to the NYC area where my team met with one of the developers who we have worked with for awhile. When we met him he had a driver/personal bodyguard with him for protection - a new development since the last time I saw him. Dude had a desert eagle on him.

When I asked him about it he said it was because of a development deal we have in Philadelphia where he refused to work with a certain labor union, and now was getting threats from the Philly mob.

I thought he was joking, but my guy Brooklyn Bob was dead serious. Does anyone have any personal experience with this kind of stuff? i thought the days of mob influence on construction was over and purely relegated to shows like the Sopranos. As someone whose only goal in life is to build a Manhattan skyscraper, I don't want to sacrifice my knee caps in the process. Curious to hear about others' stories/insights. 

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teddythebear, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If you're goal is to build a NYC skyscraper, I much rather deal with the mob, than the city planning department.


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[email protected], what's your opinion? Comment below:

On the West Coast it doesn't seem to be entrenched. In areas where unions are strong (i.e., SF) they will protest and use all kinds of tactics to ruin your job if you don't use them, but it never dipped into organized crime/illegal acts. That said, I was never THAT close to our developments there.

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Unions are organized crime. So to answer your question, very prevalent.

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Great topic. They are still there and are always plotting some comeback but RICO has kept them in check. I can't speak to development but when I was in PE, I had a mob situation at a portco that I had to deal with at a company in NJ.

This firm had a trash vendor that was massively overcharging them. This discrepancy was brought up to the vendor and they fixed their accounting and provided a refund. However,  the overcharging problem came back after a couple months. At this point, we started looking for a new vendor. Word got out to the existing trash company and they had a guy follow an hourly worker home and threaten him. This poor hourly dude had no decision making power and the portco just ended up giving him a different role and hired more security at their facility. We eventually changed vendors and nothing dangerous materialized. 

There were a couple key aspects of this situation that helped the company avoid conflict. Firstly, it was sufficiently large to the point that the vendor didn't know who target. Secondly, the company had enough resources and was able to hire additional security to ensure the safety of their employees. These aspects combined deterred the vendor from going after higher level people and you could infer that the company had more power than some shitty trash business trying to strong arm a sizable company. If it was a smaller operation, I think the vendor could have been a much bigger problem. 

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Anonymous Monkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Of course they're out of it. All the laws and prosecutions made them decide to get their act together and get out of the only life they've known for generations and work real jobs, 40 hours/week 🙄

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