JPM CRE Finance - thoughts?

Based in London. Possibility to join the team as an associate (currently 2nd year analyst in a debt fund) - my understanding is it's within the securities products group, so would involve mostly standard mortgage loans with also some CMBS, etc. Pan-Euro predominantly across all asset classes with a bit of APAC.

Comp is very good but keen to hear if anyone has any insights on the dealflow, type of deals and team (or even any views on the American side?) Assuming most transactions will be jumbo tickets with pretty much either BX or Brookfield so possibly pretty repetitive (and bad WLB) and not the funkiest stuff from a learning/network building perspective? Thank you!

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What is comp looking like?

CMBSMack, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'd take it - CMBS gives you the keys to everywhere. That group is busy right now but if it follows the US CMBS market it'll be dead soon (doesn't mean layoffs)

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I had an interview with this group last year. Very solid and they underwrite some very big deals. An example is the refurbishment of the Reuters building in CW. WLB is not as bad as M&A but you are leaving later than most (9:00-21/22:00) so 12 hour days. The exits are pretty good and deal flow is almost guaranteed given the strength of the brand name. 

Broketree Capital, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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