Picking City for Junior SA Internship

I am currently a Sophomore at a non-target hoping to go into REPE acquisitions and trying to weigh my options of cities to focus on for my Junior SA internship. I currently live in a tertiary market in Florida but would like to eventually live in Seattle.

My main picks are: Seattle, Miami, Boston, and NYC.

Should I focus my networking on where I want to live post-graduation (Seattle) or go for a larger resume-boosting market (Miami, Boston, NYC (of the 3 large markets my top pick for obvious reasons)?

Also feel free to rank the options, it would be super helpful!

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If you would like to be in Seattle eventually I think that makes the most sense naturally. However the optionality you get by starting your career in a gateway market can be very valuable. I think Boston especially is really underrated as a place to start off. It's got a great combination of interesting, driven young people from all walks of life, a strong local economy, and a real estate scene that is filled with both local players and institutional capital. Since you are a sophomore I would suggest that you don't get too fixated on specific geographies and try something you don't think you will be able to do later in your career.


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