Salary negotiation as an overseas contractor

Hey WSO, what are your thoughts regarding compensation as an overseas worker?

Some background about me: I started working at a family office in Central America about two years ago. Recently, my boss made a partnership with two other principals in Miami and since then we have now formed a formal real estate acquisitions group with plenty of deals closed in 2020 and more on the pipeline going forward, i've been working remotely ever since (coincided with the pandemic as well).

Now, I think my job is great, but working as a remote contractor that is not in the US makes the question of value a bit difficult. Naturally, even if I add similar value/experience vs a US analyst, i'm not expecting to be valued at a similar level of salary/compensation. Still, they are getting a great bang for their buck since there's no additional overhead and employee benefits related to job. 

Overall 1st/2nd year analysts make an average/median comp package of at least $60k, not counting insurance and 401k costs to employer. I believe that I should be at least at $40k base given the lack of benefits and overall benefit i'm currently providing to the company. 

Work usually extends throughout the weekends, holidays (even christmas) and there's no paid vacations obviously. Again, i'm happy to do what i'm currently doing, but I want to make sure that i'm asking for a commensurate value for my time. 

I know my case is probably a bit special/uncommon, but any input thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan 13, 2021 - 7:38pm
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