Bottom Section of Resume

I'm struggling to nail the bottom section of my resume - I feel like it looks weird, and I have lots more I want to add. I want to keep it the same size ish so I can keep my resume to one page.

I have completed a lot of educational courses (some created by BBs themselves) in a range of areas within finance (and tech for that matter). I've got maybe 10ish in total. I feel like I would not get anywhere else to show these off. The only true 'certification' I have is the official MS Excel Pro. 

My 'skills' are backed up with personal projects and/or work experience.

I would like to include French somewhere, but really not sure where to fit it.

Also, is it worth putting charitable events (such as marathons etc) under achievements, or should I keep them strictly related/academic?

Any helps appreciated :)

Hey man,

Looks pretty good, but I'd probably not put your courses as 'certifications'. Udemy doesn't have standardised courses, so it's more of an educational course rather than a certification.

Can't comment much on the other stuff, hope this helps.

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