Graduate Degree: SSE Finance, St Gallen MBF, HEC MiM GE or double-degree SciencesPo/ SSE?

Hello everyone

First thank you all for being part of this forum and making it as great as it is.
I have been a long time lurker and I really benefited from numerous valuable threads and discussions, but with the important upcoming decision where to pursue my masters I decided to reach out for advice and start my first thread.

I have been accepted to the SSE Master in Finance and to the Master in Banking and Finance at St Gallen. Furthermore, I am still waiting for responses from HEC where I applied for the MiM whithin which I would pursue the finance specialisation/ double-degree and a double-degree at SciencesPo and SSE which covers International Economic Policy and Finance respectively.

I think all of them are great programs, but I would like to share some of my thoughts on each program in more detail.

SSE Master in Finance:
+ decent international reputation
+ in my case no tuition fees since I am German
+ Stockholm is a great city
- not so well-known among German recruiters as for instance St Gallen/ HEC

St. Gallen Master in Banking and Finance
+ possibility to finish my degree within 1.5 years
+ within my options best reputation among Frankfurt/ Zurich recruiters
+ comparatively low tuition fees (total approx. EUR 12,000)
- no vivid/ interesting City (I think, however, that this fact might strengthen the community among students)
- comparatively weak placement outside of aforementioned financial hubs

HEC Master in Management Grand Ecole
+ very reputable business school and best placement among my options in Paris
+ campus is close to Paris (benefit of both, strong community/ network and proximity to great city)
+ ability to improve my French
- high tuition fees (total EUR 34,000)
- not a finance master (I, however, would opt for the finance specialization or even double degree if possible)

Double Degree SciencesPo International Economic Policy and SSE Finance
+ interesting combination that would also position me for jobs in politics/ IGOs/ NGOs at later stages in my career
+ comparatively low tuition (total 14,000)
+ Paris is a great city and I could improve my French language skills
- would have to move after one year (maybe network/ friendships will stay superficial)

Here are some facts about me
* 22 year old German undergraduate from a German top university
* focused on IB (at least for the early years of my career)
* would like to work in different Cities, e.g. Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, New York

It would be highly appreciated if you could rank and maybe even give reasons for your top three choices because I am not yet sure whether I will be accepted to the HEC MiM and the double-degree

Thank you in advance!

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