Graduate School Club

I want to start a club in grad school. I'm not sure if they even have clubs in grad school.

The premise will be to gather people to shoot the breeze and discuss things that upset them, or things that motivate them in life from a societal perspective, meaning things that upset them about society today and things that felt motivating or uplifting. The purpose of this club will be to attract like minded individuals who are willing to step up and get things done. I hope that at a decent school I can find a decent amount of motivated people who are willing to connect and work towards a common goal. A club for people who are able and willing to do more than make twitter posts about how capitalism bad or how the libs are socialists.

I think in general people can have drinks, and get toked if preferred, while going through structured and unstructured discussion phases. I think the club would have a limited membership and some sort of actionable contribution will be needed whether it be doing research or connecting the club with experts in the field who can direct on actionable steps. There won't be any exclusivity in terms of age, sex, career, wallet size, creed or religion as long as there is serious effort put into the cause.

There will need to be a way to deal with extremists while still entertaining their views - they represent a sample of real groups. Additionally, the identity of the members should not be too readily available to allow people to establish their own identity within this group without too much external influence.

How would one go about establishing such a group?

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  • Analyst 2 in CB
Sep 22, 2022 - 11:32pm

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