LSE BSc Economics vs Cambridge BA Economics

Which would be a better course to take - LSE Econ or Cambridge Econ? I'm not too sure what I wanna do but I am definitely interested in IBD or Strategy Consulting. Which would give a higher chance in breaking into these fields?

Also, which Economics course would be more engaging and relevant? I'm interested in the practical elements of the LSE Economics course - people I know there are doing cutting-edge relevant work such as looking at desigining policies in developing countries to even learning about different arbitrage strategies in their finance modules. I'm a bit worried about BA Economics at Cambridge being very theoretical and not as modern as LSE Economics. But then again Cambridge is definitely the bigger name globally and I'd imagine will hold more weight in the long-term

I would love to study in Central London too so that's an additional bonus of LSE

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Do you have both offers? If so, you can't go wrong with either. Thing is, a lot of people at Cambridge don't apply to stuff properly because they don't have as strong of a recruitment culture. But, if you are one of the good ones you can really excel at Cambridge. London's definitely a better student experience and you'll have a wider pool of girls to pick from, and arguably superior to your homogenous Cambridgian. But that's recruiting-wise aside. In the long run, it is probably better to say you went to Cambridge...


Definitely choose Cambridge. Trust me LSE is not that practical either and the culture in LSE and London prices are a joke.


LSE Econ course is quite modern, at least the new one that started in 21/22. There's a practical focus in almost every module to make it useful in the real world. But yeah the culture at LSE being insanely competitive and career-driven is definitely true. At Cambridge you'd meet a more diverse range of people so conversations will be about things other than internships unlike at LSE


Definitely agree on the final sentence. Meeting a diverse range of people at Cambridge would be much more enriching than meeting largely copy pasted wannabe hardos at the LSE.


Congrats on the offers! I'd go with Cambridge. The course may not be as modern, and more theoretical, but I think you are overestimating the practical implications of the course material altogether. You'll likely not learn much in any econ course that will be applicable to IBD or consulting, thus I would go with the bigger brand name and where competition amongst your peers to land internship is marginally lower. 

I don't know... Yeah. Almost definitely yes.

Also received both offers and firmed Cambridge for the below reasons. 1. Much more affordable (living costs are almost half). 2. Better access to sports clubs and facilities. 3. Amazing brand name for ANYTHING, not just finance. 4. You get to meet a more diverse set of people who excel in many subjects. 5. It's Cambridge, the whole experience seems unforgettable. Don't mind me asking but what college have you accepted at?


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