HEC MIM vs Bocconi MIM

Hi everyone, first post here.
my profile:
• Italian, 21yrs, male, last year of my bachelor’s degree at a non target university in Bologna (even though it’s the best public uni in Italy).
• GPA of approx 3.9/4 (Italian grading system is 29.3/30) 
• GMAT 690
• CAE c1
• 3 months internship at a local accountant 
• no international experiences 

Being an Italian student we only have one big round from 15 December to 22 march, with results being posted in may.
 I’d like to apply to HEC in the second round (deadline 3rd january), and, if admitted to interview, results will be posted around end of February.
now the problem is that I won’t have results from the 2 universities at the same time, so if I get somehow admitted to HEC, I’ll have to decide whether to accept or not, without even knowing if I have been admitted to Bocconi. Another big problem are scholarships.while I think I have no chance at HEC, at Bocconi I might get one (not easy but way more possible), so accepting HEC means precluding a possible full scholarship at Bocconi. 
I could however apply to HEC in the 3rd round ( results mid April).
now my question is: are my chances in 3rd round much lower than in 2nd?
if I retake the gmat (and score better) is it better to apply in the 3rd round with a better gmat, or at the 2nd with a slightly lower gmat?
lastly does anyone have any info ( in terms of gmat, gpa etc) about merit scholarships, maybe from alumni?
thx and sorry for the long post 


I cannot answer your questions, but, a 690 GMAT isn't really what I've seen get merit scholarships at Bocconi. 


HEC "Grand Ecole" MiM is the best Business School program you can get in Europe, and they have been at the top for a least 5 years.

If you manage to get in you should absolutely go. But the campus is rather shitty and depressing.


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