HEC vs INSEAD MIM +(St. Gallen)

­Hi, recently I've been accepted to both INSEAD and HEC MIMs and in a couple of weeks I'll know about St Gallen. These MIMs are at the top of the game and tbh I really can't decide. I've spoken to current and students and alumni from both unis and feedback is very positive from both (no surprise). They also have very good career services, very good reputations and very good placement and starting salaries after graduation... So I really don't know how to choose.
I would love to hear your opinion/experience/point of view.
About me:
22M, Italian but also speak French and English both C1 certified. graduated for Bocconi university in July 2023 with a bachelor in management. Since my graduation I've been working in sales for a company in Lithuania in the pharmacy sector. I would like to start my career outside Italy and preferably somewhere with high salaries (Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Dubai etc...). I'm interested in strategy consulting (preferably in MBB), but I'm also open to other positions.
About the Masters:
As mentioned in the introduction, they are top schools.
HEC: 2 years + almost everyone lives on campus (since it's pretty isolated) = very strong personal relationships = very strong and "dense" network. Very cool double degrees, but there is another selection for them and chances of getting into the cool one are slim. possibility of a gap year between 1st and 2nd year to do internships or whatever. Tbh I' worried that it might be a bit too focused on France and not much attention in international careers. how is it seen internationally?
INSEAD: 1 year, so you start your career earlier and should therefore progress faster (but does 1 year really make a difference in the long run?). Very large and very international network thanks to the prestigious MBA. VERY international school. MIM programme is new so track record isn't as strong and some HR might be more cautious? 4 months in Singapore which is a great place to live and for sure staying there for some time will help you find a job.
ST GALLEN: (idk if I'm accepted yet), unbeatable in Switzerland (50% of entry level hires in MBB in CH are from st gallen) but it's kinda limited to the DACH region and I'm worried because I don't speak German. Similar consideration as HEC for the 2 years structure (with optional gap year) and DD options.


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