I know Northeastern isn't a target school, but I've been accepted and am considering attending. I see some mixed results looking around and was wondering about the presence of Northeastern grads in IB and consulting. I don't mind working in a regional office and am more interested in consulting. 

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Northeastern's reached the point where with a moderate amount of work you can end up in either. Like most semi-targets, anyone who consciously puts in the effort and has most of the necessary qualifications (work ethic, intellect, soft skills etc.) can break in no question.

for IB, MMs and mid-tier BBs are most common, though we've placed a couple into all of the top BBs in recent years.

For consulting, you'll likely be stuck with regional boutiques and/or strategy consulting firms. We have a strong presence at Stax, LEK, Big 4 consulting arms, etc., but not much MBB presence.

The co-op program and shift away from prestige toward experience have been the biggest tailwind for our improved standing with banks. There are a bunch of IB/PE co-ops open exclusively to NEU students and Berkshire Partners just opened up a Private Equity co-op on their industrials team.

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LEK seems like a solid choice, do you know how many people they generally take per year? 

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They take 8 (4 in fall; 4 in spring) co-ops per year, not sure how many go back full-time

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