AUM given to junior traders

I received an offer for a junior trader role at a prop shop (flow, drw etc.) and I was just wondering how much am I expected to get for the strategy assigned to me. I guess it will scale with time, but I have not a good idea of how it works so looking for colour on it.
Also if I was at a bank as a trader how does it work? I know it’s MM but you still need a significant capital to start, right?

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It obviously depends on firm and exact strategy but typically in prop trading capital is not a huge concern as most trading/market making in liquid products is high sharpe/low capacity. Some exceptions would be hedged spread positions (ETF or future versus cash) which can be both high sharpe/low capacity and capital intensive or a few desks at some prop traders may do longer horizon trades although I think it would be rare at most firms for a fresh grad to be responsible for that sort of longer term directional trade. 


I agree that this is how most firms look at things when measuring capital usage but I also doubt that the desk head is going to be happy if a junior trading is using a significant fraction of the desk's capital. I would expect that desk head may manage or provide guidance on capital usage for the different trades or team members on the desk to ensure the desk stays within the expected capital usage.


Typically some form of leverage is being used, so the capital requirements are satisfied at the firm level, and at the desk or trader level they function as a sort of risk limit, among other risk parameters that may be limited.


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