Commercial job at a midstream company or producer seems WAY better than starting at a trade shop. What am I missing?

O&G - I work at a small trading and marketing shop, and this is the only side of the business I've known. I'm not even in a pure PnL generating role. I have about 5 years experience. 

There are definitely some great parts about it  - eat what you kill type model, not a lot of big company BS. If I wanted to fly anywhere to try to win business, my company would approve it no question. So it's very commercial minded, making PnL is at the core of everything, not a lot of other nonsense. 

It's legitimately hard to keep in finding good trade opportunities in the market, to stay really tight with your counterparts, etc. I 

I look at my contacts who have "Commercial Representative" type roles at Midstream companies, mid sized E&Ps, etc...companies that have a natural long/short. 

1) Everyone is courting you for business, 2) You really get a good idea of where product is flowing, 3) Much easier to build a black book 4) Less overall stress 

Obviously the comp upside is way less. But for a younger commercial person, this seems like a WAY better place to start out. 

What's the catch? 

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Essentially those roles are just sales jobs, all the decisions are actually made by BD guys and your just a handshake guy. Moving up towards BD has been hard since many people at at that level refuse to retire or move on. BD guys/gala are also refusing to teach younger people their job and being cagey. 
You are better off starting at a trade shop where you get pushed harder and learn more so when you arrive to those roles know actually what the BD people trying to achieve. Plus most these days hire former traders anyways.

If you follow things like HCinsider podcast, the #1 in demand job in 2021-2022 was mid-level originator and probably still is again lack of talent, lack of mentoring and so on. Better off to get your chops in trading and make the move 3-5 years in if you dont enjoy trading stress.

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