What is the day to day life in a Sales & Trading seat like?

I'm in an Institutional Trading/S&T Market-Making-esque role with a small global team and I'm really curious about what the day-to-day looks like for a lot of people. To be quite honest it seems like we're barely seeing any flow for our product and I feel like the same job could be done with the team cut in half.

I'm on the digital assets team so obviously some headwinds there, but I guess also just curious what are the signs your team is about to downsize and when would these typically happen? Shortly after or before bonus season? Regarding Digital Assets there are obviously many crypto-native shops shutting down their operations, but groups like MAN AHL and Fidelity are full steam ahead so I'm not really sure what to expect.

Also seeing some TradFi firms with Digital Assets desks bifurcated, some easing off the gas, and some look like for example Flow Traders now hiring in all 3 regions, including graduate digital asset traders for Amsterdam. What products do you all trade and how are you feeling right now?

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