Worth it to go back and get a masters?

I've heard from multiple people that if you're already in the industry in a market-making/prop trading seat there's no point in going back unless you need to pick up on some math and technical skills that you need structure and hand holding for (i.e. go back to school and be forced to code vs maybe doing side projects on the weekends).

I have a degree in Chemistry and not really too much of a background with Python. A lot of my day-to-day is market making on an OTC desk with the opportunity to occasionally take prop risk in our broader portfolio and hedging and offloading risk whenever it makes sense to in the markets.

If I want to get more involved with prop volatility trading and systematic volatility trading in general compared to my current role in the OTC trading markets with small discretionary prop exposure I feel like I need the credibility of a technical degree rather than something in Chemistry, but maybe if I just ask for some side projects in Python and can do stuff on my own it won't matter.

I have an opportunity to also work as a QR/Quant Analyst for an options data provider throughout the masters program (friend of mine started it and it has around 20+ employees). So I think that the combination of options analytics and projects + the technical credibility from the degree will super-charge the opportunities I have. I also think have 2 YoE in trading in my current role + 1 YoE as a QR/QA on options/derivatives data + a Masters means I can just recruit out of the program for experienced trading or non-graduate roles anyways.

TLDR: For someone who has imposter syndrome about their technical capabilities + no credibility from their undergraduate degree, does it make sense to go back and get a technical masters from a top 10 program, especially if I can have part-time relevant work during the entirety of the program?

The other option is to work on side projects and ask for more relevant Python trading projects at work while continuing to work in my role.

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