IVP hires yearly but not during on cycle, mostly from GS / MS / Q / Bain with the occasional exception. Program is reasonably 2-and-out with a few exceptions. Very selective, they'll make 1-2 hires a year and will interview ~half of the class from each of GS / MS / Q + others

Insight, (a) I'd think twice about joining now given their current state of things, (b) I believe only their PE team recruits on-cycle not their venture / growth teams but that might have changed since I was in banking.


Insight's venture funds are deep underwater and it's a brutal place to work. If you're coming in as an analyst it's a good gig since it beats you into being a sourcing killer... but personally I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

I also don't think this categorization of "Tier 1A for tech investing similar to SLP / Vista / IVP" is at all productive, those three all have entirely different strategies (I guess SLP and Vista are, but their sector focuses and transaction styles are so different that it's not really apples-to-apples even tho they're both "megafund buyout")


Awesome advice, any views on exits from doing a stint there? Assume other top VC/Growth roles are possible but due to brand name is tech buyout/hf possible?


Assuming you're asking about exits post-analyst role at Insight... if what you want is buyout, you'll have no transferrable skills (all you learn is sourcing). If you want to stay in early stage, it's a great seat and you'll be competitive for most - if not all - associate seats.

In general, I'd try to stay away from the "the name will get me x" mindset and try to shift to "what skills do I need to get to x". Prestige will only get you so far, and once you graduate from excel monkey --> real expectations, the names on your resume matter less and less. This is especially true in venture, where it matters WAY more what deals you've brought in / your network / etc. vs. where you've worked... it doesn't matter if you spend a few years at <pick your tier 1 firm>, if you didn't source anything or aren't bringing some differentiated perspective / network, the name won't take you anywhere. Obviously being at a strong venture fund will help you get those better experiences, but what you do with it matters far more.


Yeah that’s honestly really true and I definitely should change a lot of my thibking in that regard. For reference, I actually did graduate college and am looking at recruiting for associate roles at Insight. Like you mentioned, I’ve heard they only recruit for the buyout team out of banking so was wondering how that group stacks up to other tech buyout and if it’s reputable enough to get my foot in the door at orher places

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