Solid LMM Growth Equity Shop in T2 City or Secondaries in NYC?

Had the fortune of getting two buyside offers straight out of undergrad, one at a reputable local GE shop in a T2 city near NYC and the other for a secondaries position at a very well-regarded bank. I believe the comp for the GE role is higher when adjusting for COL and the relevant sectors are slightly more interesting to me (HC/tech), but I can't help but think about the alternative. Primaries are more interesting to me than secondaries, at least on the surface, but the other opportunity is on a brand new team (think ~2 years old, bank has plans to accelerate the build-out quite significantly in coming years). Although I do fear being pigeon-holed in secondaries, the prospect of much greater internal upward mobility is very enticing. Life in NYC would also be more fun, of course, despite the higher cost.

The decision basically comes down to interest in work + COL savings vs. potential for upward mobility and NYC residency. I know no one in secondaries and there are pretty much zero data points online about this team due to how young it is, so would especially appreciate insight from people in secondaries as to comp growth, exit opps, and WLB. Thanks

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  • Financial Technology Partners (▽01) 98.2%
  • William Blair (▲11) 97.7%

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